Hunt's Dust Sweeper(Full Set)
  • Suitable for hard floor surfaces
  • Ideal for general purpose dust sweeping
  • Strong and durable
  • Traps dirt effectively
  • Comfortable grip aluminum handle
  • High quality plastic clip-on holder with flexible knobs for easy movement
  • Removable, strong and easy to use stainless steel dust mop frame

Product Description

The Hunt’s Dust Sweeper (Full Set) is a strong and durable product ideal for general purpose dust sweeping. An effective way of sweeping, an ideal cleaning for corners and nook. It traps dirt effectively. Comes with a high-quality plastic clip-on holder with flexible knobs for easy movement. Strong stainless-steel dust mop frame. A removable and easy to use holder. Suitable for hard floor surfaces.

Top quality product at best price. Great value for cleaning companies, resellers and end users

How to Assemble Hunt's Dust Sweeper

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